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User Guide

Shaped 3D Skull Ice Tray makes four realistic skull-shaped ice cubes. It makes four 2"X2.36" skull ice cubes at a time and one ice cube fills the entire whiskey glass. Ice cubes of large size melt slower than the conventional ice cubes so they keep your drinks cool longer without diluting quickly. The upper mold tray works as a lid that prevents ice cubes from developing a foul odor while in the fridge. The 3D Skull Ice Tray is invented, manufactured and distributed exclusively by Shaped.


STEP 1. Wash trays by hand or in a dish washer before first use. Use dish soap to remove silicone smell if you feel it too strong and that bothers you.

STEP 2. Fill lower tray 1/3 with liquid of your choice. It is about 0.4" from the bottom of lower tray's wall. Too much liquid would make a big ice block between the trays and too less liquid would not make good looking skulls. Start filling 1/3 with liquid of your choice at first and then adjust amount of liquid until you find the right amount for you.

STEP 3. Fit upper tray into lower tray and gently press down until excessive liquid comes out through the spilling holes on top and inner grooves are interlocked. To interlock them, place trays in a flat surface, have one hand up around the back head of the skull and another hand down around the face, and push them to each other until the grooves are engaged. Do this for each skull. You might feel it difficult to fully interlock them at first but you will learn to do it easily over time.

STEP 4. Move trays carefully with two hands and place upright in your freezer. Freeze for 6 hours or longer. 15 minute is good enough for chocolate making.

STEP 5. Twist trays in all directions to separate skulls from trays. Twisting trays helps to break thin layers of ice between the trays. Open and remove skulls


If your skull ice cubes are not good-looking, it is because the grooves were not engaged securely. To engage and interlock them completely, place the trays on a flat surface after pouring liquid and fitting the upper tray into the lower tray. Place one hand up around the back head of the skull on the upper tray and another hand down around the face of the skull on the lower tray and push them to each other until you feel the grooves are engaged. You need to do this for each cavity. There is space between the cavities for leftover liquid to stay. There is always a bit of leftover liquid there because of gravity.

Remember we don't want this leftover liquid to move around because it might open the cavities and produce ice block. That is why it is important to interlock the trays completely. When you place them in your freezer, lift them carefully with two hands so that the grooves won’t be unlocked by imbalanced movement. Another way to prevent from producing ice block between two trays is to pour water on top of the upper tray. This will add more pressure to the lower tray so that the two trays are engaged and interlocked. After freezing, take the trays to the sink and have the tap water run over the ice on the upper tray for 5-10 seconds and then twist the trays to break and remove the ice.


The small holes on top are not filling holes. These are spilling holes for any excessive liquid to come out through. If you want to use them as filling holes, you may easily cut each hole to a dime size with an ordinary scissor. After cutting, interlock the upper and lower trays completely and fill your liquid through these holes. You may pour not only water from the water tap or a bottle but melted chocolate or melted soap in this case.


If you use regular tap water, you will get cloudy ice cubes because the air inside water makes patterns when freezing. To make clear ice cubes, you need to use filtered water and boiled it twice - let it cool down after the first boiling but for the second boiling, let it cool down for a short time like 3-5 minutes- and fill the trays with this water. Be careful not to scald yourself with this water. It will get rid of the air inside water and could make clear ice cubes.


Prepare 7-8 cups of water, 2-3 tablespoons of baking soda, 1/3 cup of vinegar and a soft toothbrush. Fill your sink with water, vinegar and dissolve baking soda. Soak your trays in this stain removal solution and brush them using the soft toothbrush until the white film goes away. Rinse them thoroughly with running water.