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Versatile Molds That Keep The Fun Coming

Homemade soaps, chocolates, cake pops, and even gelatin.

Say Goodbye To Boring Ice Cubes

Bring some fun & excitement back into your drinks!

Make Every Last Beverage Sparkle & Shine

Perfect for entertaining, parties, or holidays.

Keeping Drinks Colder For Longer

Get started on hosting your next get-together.

Creativity Has Come Back To Beverages

Make your drinks look awesome and keep'em cool longer

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Why you should choose shaped ice cube trays

Creative Design

Our realistic ice cube molds are unique, one of a kind, and high-quality, so that you can ensure that they’ll last for the long-term.

Adding Fun To Special Day

Surprise your family and friends with exciting beverages, decadent chocolates, silky soft soaps, and sugary sweet cake pops.

Safety Tested

All of our molds are made of FDA approved, BPA-free, and non-toxic food-grade silicone.

Customer reviews

The ice skulls have a lot of detail--so cool!. The molds are easy to use. I just fill it up with water to about half an inch from the top, freeze them, and pop them out. Even when I overfilled them, I just crack the ice around the skull, popped them out, and refill. I keep a small bowl in my freezer that I store the ice cubes until I have about a dozen or so.

From reviews

These cubes are awesome! The only bad thing about them is they make me want to drink more. Great quality product and very easy to use. Company is very friendly and helpful if you have trouble with making your ice cubes.

From reviews

I bought this as a fun gift for my daughter. She loves them. The skull cubes are large enough to use in glasses for drinks and they look great. These will be fun for Halloween parties! Remember, like using any molds, this takes practice to make the perfect set of skull cubes!

From reviews

I was looking for a large ice cube tray for adding ice to Sazerac’s and Negroni’s. I didn’t want basic, square cubes. I wanted something kinda fun and a little something to bring a smile to the face of the person sipping the drink. These fit the bill perfectly. They make four cubes at a time and the skulls are great! 

From reviews

These ice skull molds are great! Be sure to read the directions for how to use! I didn’t know how to fill them but luckily my husband read the directions. Now we have the coolest skull ice cubes for our drinks.

From reviews

I was hesitant as to how good these would turn out but it makes a pretty decent looking skull ice cube. Easy to fill up and to remove once frozen.

From reviews

I bought these as a gift for someone who loves skulls. She uses them every day and the mold has been going strong for some time. The shape comes out very nicely. If you could use this to make crystal clear ice the cubes would be fantastic!

From reviews

Ice molds produce perfect skull ice that take a long time to melt. Perfect when you need a slow melting cube. Also plan to use these during Halloween with red colored water.

From reviews

These are great and as advertised in size! The best thing about these trays they are sealed and keep fresh in the freezer. My friends like tomato juice in their beer with I filled up the trays with tomato juice to make frozen red juice skulls! A great hit!

From reviews

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